The LCR smoking cage is the worst thing about UEA

The smokers have spoken

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Two weeks ago we asked you to tell us what the worst thing is about studying at UEA.

Now the results are in – and out of a possible thirteen options, the LCR smoking cage was the winner.

14 per cent of you slated the infernal contraption, making it a clear winner.



Runner-ups were the 25 and 26 bus services, which 12 per cent of you thought were shite.

In third place, 11 per cent of you cringe when people say “The” UEA – even more so than at our association with UKIP’s Douglass Carswell.

Coincidentally, Douglas Carswell was hated as much as the queues for Mantra, with both options receiving 6.56 per cent of your votes. They both suck, but for different reasons.

Surprisingly though, less than one per cent of you despised the Norwich possibility that your brother might also be your cousin, but maybe that’s because you haven’t noticed it yet.

Of the results, third year Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History student Rosie Smith said: “Someone please tell UEA the risk of having students near the stairs is actually not as serious as the risk of getting burnt in the face by someone’s cigarette when 60 drunk students are packed into an area for 30.

“The amount of space is only ideal for the thrill of dodging the business end of cigarettes. Who wouldn’t want to spend their night avoiding 3rd degree burns? It’s a genuine safety hazard.”