We asked the LCR bouncers for their funniest stories

They’ve even had students piss themselves

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Whether they’re mopping up your chunder or stopping you climbing on stage to sing a solo, the LCR bouncers have seen you at your very worst. 

On Tuesday night we asked them their funniest LCR stories, and the responses were as classic as you’d expect.


“Someone was going around dropping fake money. The staff thought it was real.”


“Someone queued for the LCR in a wheelchair. As soon as they got in, they got up and started walking.”


“Someone jumped half way down the stairs, hit their head and knocked themselves out.They wet themselves afterwards.”


“When you got pissed off about losing your lippy. Terrible.”

(I may have sent the bouncers on a task to find my missing lipstick one night…)


“I don’t know. But I do have a stalker.”