Student in hospital after falling from LCR walkway

He was seen hanging from a bar

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A young man fell from the walkway above the SU shop in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At around 3:05am, after the Saturday LCR had ended, Thomas Hood was seen hanging from the walkway above the campus shop.

Third year Law student Louisa Baldwin said: “His legs were dangling on the street and he just dropped and his leg went the other way.”

“I was sober and we ran over and the people around didn’t seem to be doing much as were all quite drunk.”

The young man looked around 20, had dark brown hair and was wearing a black top. He was thought to be visiting friends at UEA.

He was very quiet and in shock but remained able to respond to those looking after him.

The bar Hood was seen hanging from

The bar Hood was seen hanging from

Another third year Law student, Alex Dairo, said: “He landed near the cash machines and he said he hadn’t been in the LCR but maybe he was confused at the time.

“He said he doesn’t go to UEA but he was seeing his friends.”

Alex added: “None of his friends were there at the time. Instead people starting recording it so we had to get security and someone else called an ambulance.”

Within a minute of being called, security were on the scene.

Alex continued: “Security had to keep talking to him so he’d stay awake, bless him. It looked really bad.

“His leg was literally turned the other way. I held his hand until the ambulance came.”

“One person began to film so security blocked the guy from doing it as soon as they noticed him filming.”

Where Hood landed

Where Thomas landed

A volunteer from St John’s Ambulance was able to treat Thomas’ injuries before a paramedic and emergency medical technician arrived.

Louisa said: “I overheard one of them say ‘Fractured in a few places’ from what they could see before more tests could be done.”

Thomas was then take to hospital in an ambulance.

Alex said: “From security it was mainly Darryl that helped the whole time.”

The only name Thomas was able to recall was “Marco”, but his phone had run out of battery.

The police were not available for comment.