The Tab guide to Norwich takeaways

‘The Olive Tree will even count your change for you if you’re too drunk’

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Whether drunk or sober, it doesn’t matter – you’re hungry. What you need is a takeaway.

With over 200 outlets in Norwich, it can get confusing when it comes to choosing one – so as ever, we’re on hand to help.


Domino’s bombarded us with enough free pizza to last a lifetime in freshers’ week, and they continue to be the easiest option.

Delivering until 4am, with neon signs on top of their cars you can spot from a mile off, it’s everyone’s first choice for their drunken junk food binge after a night at The LCR.

But Norwich has a lot more to offer than Domino’s for your junk food fix.

It’s time to broaden your horizons and whether you’re walking down Prince of Wales or are in the Unthank area, there’s a wide variety of exciting, cheap and risky takeaways to choose from.


Piccolos offer everything your drunken self could ever wish for: wraps, burgers, fried chicken and pizzas starting from just £5.50 – a much cheaper alternative to Domino’s.

They also do meal deals with enough food to feed your whole flat for just under a tenner. But bear in mind they do have a food hygiene rating of just one out of five.

Star Fish Bar

What more could you want on a Friday night than fish and chips?

Not only is the Star Fish Bar as cheap as chips, if you don’t fancy fish they also offer burgers and chicken, too.

The food is always really tasty though, and with a food hygiene rating of three out of five, it’s not going to kill you.

Get your order in nice and quickly though as they take a lifetime to deliver. On second thoughts, it’s probably quicker to walk there yourself and pick it up.

Mr Pizza, Mr Chicken, Mr Kebab

If you like pizza, if you like chicken and if you like kebabs then this is surprisingly the takeaway for you.

If you also like going to bed at 10 o’clock every night then this is also the takeaway for you. Mr Pizza does not wait for anyone, and definitely doesn’t wait for people to get home from the LCR.

The only problem with this originally-named takeaway is that it closes ridiculously early and so works best as a dinner-time treat rather than a drunken binge. The food tastes great, especially the chicken burgers, but probably one to avoid when you’re sober as it has a food hygiene rating of just two out of five.

Good Food Tandoori

The best thing about this takeaway curry house is that they do student discount. They also have the longest menu in the world, so start studying it early on as you’ll have loads to choose from. Choose carefully and choose wisely – the curries from here are always a winner and we’ve never had to wait too long for delivery.

It has a pretty decent food hygiene rating of three out of five so a solid contender in the Norwich takeaway war.


What can go wrong with Aliandos? It is basically just a rip off of Nando’s, only with less of a queue and cheaper, greasier and tastier food.

The Olive Tree

Located directly opposite Mercy, this is perfect to stumble across the road to after a Friday night of clubbing. They also stay open until 4am so you’ll have a nicely full and carb-y stomach before bed.

They do all the standard drunk food: burgers, chips, kebabs – they’ll even whip you up some garlic bread if you ask nicely. They also won’t judge you if you’re too drunk to count your change and will happily count it for you.

If you feel ill the next morning, it’ll probably be from that all those snakebites and not their food, as they have the highest food hygiene rating of five out of five.

The only confusing thing this takeaway does is hand out raffle tickets for your food. When drunk, it’s easy to forget your number and miss out when it’s shouted out.

There you have it – a hands down, comprehensive guide to our favourite takeaways in Norwich.

Don’t play it safe with Domino’s, try something new and risk food poisoning alongside a takeaway epiphany.