What’s the worst thing about UEA?

If it’s not bedbugs in your halls, it’s one of these

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UEA: everyone’s favourite “Where’s that?” university.

Whether it’s legendary alumni Greg James or Stephen Fry’s love of Norwich, we’ve got a lot to offer in this concrete jungle.

But, whether it’s on YikYak or overheard on library floor 2, there’s also many a complaint. So we want to know: what’s the worst thing about being at UEA?

The queues for Mantra

It’s the go-to club on a Thursday night, but you know before you even ring ABC Taxis you’ll arrive at 11 and won’t get in until 12.

The queue is a nightmare, and the bouncers won’t let you wait in the lobby for your friends still queueing outside as the “VIP” guests are let in.

Get yourself a wristband and avoid these nightmare queues!

Non-LCR drink prices

Nobody likes spending dollar at uni, and we’re all so used to normal LCR drink prices (£3 for a double) that when it comes to a night in the bar, anything over £2 for a single seems a rip-off.

‘Cultural appropriation’

Everyone’s heard of sombrerogate but has everyone heard how the Union had fezzes in their LCR dressing up kit? Or that they still sell sombrero-adorning tequila in the shop? Yeah, way to cover your tracks.


Prince of Wales in the daytime

A reminder of your drunken antics, Prince of Wales in the daytime is the equivalent of seeing yourself post-night out with make up smeared down your face: not pretty, not desirable, not smelling tasty.


The 25 and 26 bus services

If you want to get to the station on time from campus then you’ll have to make sure you leave an hour’s worth of time for a  a 15 minute journey. The drivers are rude and don’t accept £10 notes, and the changeover by Castle Meadow will delay your journey even further.

When your brother is also your cousin

If they’ve got an excess of fingers then something isn’t right. When Norwich goes out at the weekend it’s hard to distinguish between who’s a student and who’s a brother/mother/lover all at once.

Finding strange men in your cupboard

When security think you’re lying and your housemates don’t believe you, finding creepy men in your cupboard is never the one. Way to make future students feel safe in halls.

A recreation of events

Stumbling into a rabbit hole after a night out on campus

We get it: post-LCR, the most logical thing would be to go for a walk round the lake or to try and catch a rabbit. But be warned – those rabbit holes will only screw up your ankle even more than the sticky LCR dancefloor already has.

When the LCR shuts at 1:30am on Tuesdays

It’s basically the same time that pre-drinks ends for Saturday LCRs, which makes the dressing up theme even less worth it. Unless the Chuckle Brothers are going to be there, of course.

Is the costume really worth it?

Is the costume really worth it?

The rogue swan on campus

It just wants to be a student but it’s fucking annoying. Cute at first, the swan has been terrorising students by the lake and Nelson Court. Word has it that it’s even made it onto The Square.

How you doin'?

How you doin?

When people say ‘The’ UEA

If there’s one thing that makes our skin crawl, it’s this. We know that technically it should be “The” UEA, but it’s not, alright? It’s just UEA, and if you call it anything different then you’re not a real student and need to go back to “the” school to learn it.

The price of Campus Kitchen food

Why would anyone spend £3.75 on a salad bowl? You’re not allowed to buy anything for less than £3 minimum on your card in Campus Kitchen, so you’re forced to have a wild one with that potato salad and dried-out couscous or the £5 hot food meal deal.

Douglas Carswell

If there’s anything more embarrassing than our association with Douglas Carswell, the first UKIP elected Member of Parliament and UEA alumni, please let us know.

The LCR smoking area cage

It’s like the Union wants to punish you for being a cool kid with your cigarettes. The LCR smoking cage is akin to a version of Matilda’s “chokey” and you’ll be suffocating from fumes every moment you spend in the boxed in area.


Which one of these horrors is the worst? Vote below and let us know…