We asked you what the most pointless degree is

‘What do American Studies students even do?’

What’s definitely not worth the nine grand? Who messed up their UCAS the most? These guys have all the answers.

Georgie, first year Environmental Science

“Sociology – it’s like fake Psychology. I do Environmental Science – which is like fake Geography.”

Meg Jacobs, first year History

“Farming – you can do that at UEA apparently.”

Tom, first year Nursing

“What does American studies even mean? They just move to America and work in any random shop that’ll take them.”

Jenny James, first year International Relations

“I guess Drama probably. You could just go to a more specialist drama school.”

Nick Murphy and Will, second year English Lit and second year History

Nick: “Psychology – everyone does Psychology, what’s the point?”

Will: “English Lit – because everyone does it. What’s the point?”

Rory, third year Chemistry

“Drama – ’nuff said.”

Becca, third year Law

“Drama – what do you do with afterwards? You should go to a drama school.”