Norwich is the fourth drunkest city in the UK

We’ve done ourselves proud

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Norwich has been named the UK’s fourth biggest binge drinking “blackspot”.

The stats, from the 2013/14 period, were calculated by how many people checked into hospital for a drunken mishap per year.

Blackpool took the top spot. with a massive 1,230.5 per 100,000 people needing treatment for alcohol-related problems.

Norwich came in fourth, with 960.5 people out of 100,000 needing a trip to the hospital.

A Norwich breakfast

From tumbling down the ziggurat stairs (it’s easily done) to that one friend who always gets paralytic at the student bar, it’s no wonder our humble city stands at number four.

We reckon that some people just fall asleep on the number 26 bus and stumble into Norfolk & Norwich hospital for a check-up, too embarrassed to admit that they missed their stop.

The majority of the booze regions appear up North, but Essex didn’t even place. Yet again, we’ve proved that we don’t just beat Essex at Derby Day- although maybe this isn’t one to be too proud about.

Norwich dominated East Anglia, what with it being the only city in the region to break the top 20. We’ve even earned the nickname of being one of “Britain’s Booze Capitals”. How prestigious.

We always just assumed that the Norwich accent was already like that, but maybe this explains the slurrrrr.