We asked you how well-endowed UEA students are

‘It has to be more than three inches, otherwise I wouldn’t go here’

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Luke, first year, International Relations

penis 1

“UEA is bigger than average. Looking round campus there’s a lot of skinny jeans. It’s not about size though. It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean. The truest fact is: small fits all.”

Ollie, second year, Business Management

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“Having a guess – I think UEA is average. That’s good enough for any girl.”

Daniella, first year, Law

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“UEA is just right. It does the job – nothing special.”

Ross, first year, Modern Languages

penis 5

“Four-and-a-half to five is average, but I don’t know how to measure  that with my hands.  I think UEA is bigger than average though.”

Chloe, first year, Nursing

penis 4

“UEA is smaller than average because it’s got a lot of footballers. If there was a lot of rugby it’d be bigger than average – rugby boys are massive.”

Raj, first year, American Studies

penis 6

“UEA is just average.”

Amy Bullock and Emily Hanson, first year, Adult Nursing

penis 8

“Eight or nine inches? People who come to UEA are average, they’re just going to be average.”

Ally, first year, Nursing

penis 9

“It has to be more than three inches, otherwise I wouldn’t go here.”

Aidan Nicholas, first year, Philosophy and Film

penis 10

“Mine’s 6.2 inches. I’ve only seen three penises. One was way bigger than me, one was smaller than me and one I couldn’t tell – it was floppy and he was having a poo.”

Jenni and Nas, graduates, English Literature with Creative Writing and International Relations,

penis 11

“UEA is smaller than average – it’s inbred. I’m going to guess four inches. I would say we’re nicely on average because Norwich itself is flat.”