UEA ranked 29th best uni in the UK

We’re pretty damn good

essex league ranking table uea unis university of east anglia

The Best Global Universities Rankings have been released and UEA has made it into the list with an impressive ranking of 260 out of 750 institutions.

The rankings include universities across 57 countries, placing UEA in the top half of the 750 best universities in the world.

The unis have been ranked with a main focus on academic research and reputation, including both global and regional research.

The rankings also take into account publications, including the 10 per cent most cited publications, international collaboration and the number of PHDs awarded.

Oxford came in at number five, with Cambridge closely behind in sixth position.

Unlucky University of Essex floundered a massive 316 places behind UEA, at number 576.

Out of the 60 UK universities that were included, UEA were in the top half in 29th position, whereas our fave frenemies Essex were in the bottom quarter, coming in 45th place.

As proven by the rankings: Oh UEA is wonderful, as per.