What UEA students actually think about Sombrerogate

You’re not that bothered

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the sombrero fiasco.

During freshers’ fair last week the union began to confiscate free sombreros being given out as promotional items, claiming it was an issue of racial appropriation.

Most of the national papers gave their opinions on the issue, and the story appeared in publications everywhere from Time magazine in the USA to a broadsheet in Switzerland – so we thought it was about time UEA students got a say too.

We asked around campus to see what the general verdict is about the ban…

Annie Lane, 3rd Year, Pharmacy


“I don’t see the problem with it if it’s not used in a discriminative way. What’s the point of living in a multicultural society if we can’t embrace it?”

Saga Sharif, Economics


“I thought the promotions were a great idea – it was embracing the Mexican culture not discriminating against it.”

Olivia Parr and Joe Clarke, 3rd year, Economics


“I was really enjoying freshers’ fair and felt violated when the sombreros got snatched from our heads. Pedro’s is a great Mexican restaurant and were just trying to promote themselves.”

Matt Adamson, 3rd year, Accounting and Finance


“I don’t really understand what the issue is. There’s nothing racist about a sombrero?

“Mexicans was one of the most popular outfit choices for Pimp my Barrow last year and no-one said anything then.

“There were people dressed up as all different cultures, based on countries from all over the world – Egyptians, Spanish Matadors, Scotland, Hawaii… I think some people should just lighten up.”

Jordan Stewart, 3rd year, Accounting and Finance


“The uni have made themselves look a bit stupid. I don’t think anyone can be offended by this, it’s just a hat?”

The masses have spoken – have your say below.