Cyclist in hospital after Earlham Road crash

Paramedics treated the victim outside St Thomas Church

accident ambulance bike crash cyclist earlham road injury

An unidentified male has been injured in a collision with a car on Earlham Road.

The incident took place at the zebra crossing just next to St Thomas Church.

It is believed a car rammed into the back of the cyclist, causing him to hit his head on the rear of the vehicle in front.

The ambulance upon arrival

The man was launched off his bike and landed in the road.

Shortly after the incident, two paramedics were seen carrying a stretcher out of the back of an ambulance which had its hazard lights flashing.

The ambulance was parked behind the two cars in front.

A group of young adults were standing around the victim, who was lying on the ground obscured by one of the cars.

One bystander said: “I was walking past when it happened. The car went straight into the back of him.”


Speaking to a paramedic, he said: “If the police aren’t onsite already then they’re unlikely to come at all.”

One witness said: “He looked fairly young, like the age of a student. The people around him looked like students too.”

The victim’s current condition is unknown.

If anybody has any information regarding the incident then they are advised to call the local Norwich police on 111.