‘Brutal’ UEA Architecture set for National Trust tour

UEA-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi

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The National Trust is planning to offer tours of UEA buildings as part of its ‘Brutal Utopias’ project.

The tours will take place on the weekend of 3-4th October and showcase 60’s architecture, including the famed ziggurats, teaching wall and square.

Who needs Windsor Castle?

UEA is the third and final leg of the UK tour celebrating post-war Brutalist architecture.

Other locations include the Southbank Centre in London and Park Hill in Sheffield.

The University was designed by Denys Lasdun, who also created the iconic National Theatre.

The Trust said: “Of the seven New Universities founded in the early 1960s to expand student numbers, the University of East Anglia was the boldest in terms of its architecture”

“The architecture of the university was intended to express a new concern with bridging the traditional academic disciplines and encouraging informal interaction between staff and students”

The tours will run four times per day on the dates they are scheduled, beginning at the Arts Building and finishing at the Sainsbury Centre.

Utopia indeed

Each tour will last around 80 minutes and will cost £7 for adults and £6 for students.

In a brave move, organisers have scheduled the tours for the end of two weeks of fresher’s events.

Tourists hoping for an insight into post-60s architecture will get more than they bargained for as they gaze upon fragile freshers slumped over their Norfolk Terrace kitchen tables.

Think less post-60s, more post-Jägerbombs.