We made booze out of your favourite childhood chocolate

Predrinks will never be the same

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Have you ever wanted to combine the alcohol-fuelled chaos of predrinks with the innocent sweetness of childhood? Well now you can.

Google a few sweetie or chocolate inspired cocktails and you’ll be faced with a plethora of expensive ingredients you’ll never buy because you’re too far into your overdraft.

That’s where we come in, ready to solve your life problems. We’ll teach you how to make your own restaurant-worthy cocktails by using just a few simple ingredients and a blender.

drink 6

This blender is ancient and was probably cheap anyway.

The flavours we decided to make used Snickers, After Eights, Werthers Originals, and Flakes, mixed with Vodka, Amaretto and Malibu.

The rest will go down in history.

drink 1

Heaven in a photo.

The Snicker Kicker

1 snickers bar

A shit ton of amaretto

Some milk

drink 2

Blend and pulse the your cocktail until you can no longer hear any Snicker chunks banging about – it’s useful to break the bar up first to help the blending process and if you want it stronger then add more Amaretto and vice versa. There’s no set way you need to blend the mixture, just whatever takes your fancy.

drink 3

We didn’t add anything else at first to the Amaretto and Snickers, but the drink was pretty strong so we added the milk. Surprisingly it didn’t curdle and actually became a lot creamier and more like a milkshake (which means you can have it for breakfast). Iceland’s own Amaretto almonds generously supported the rich, chocolate-y peanut core.

Basically, it was bloody delicious.

The Predrinks-will-be-After-Eights

A tube of After Eights mints

However much Malibu (Or Iceland’s cheapo version) you want.

Some Lemonade

A spalsh of lemon squash

A drop of elderflower cordial

drink 12

Pour the lemonade in first as if it’s a normal amount of mixer for your drink, then add a splash of the lemon squash and a dash of the cordial.

Put the mints in as well, and then as much alcohol as you want. This cocktail was a bit more fiddly to make as the mints didn’t blend too well and there were some left over afterwards. We used so many ingredients because A) it’s what was in the cupboard and B) we felt experimental.

Alternatively use Tesco value squash

Alternatively, use Tesco value squash

This cocktail definitely tasted the most professional, as all the flavours fused together well and created a zingy, tropical taste. It also tasted less strong than the Snicker Kicker, and would be perfect as an afternoon drink in the sun.

We thought the mints might make it taste of toothpaste, but instead it tasted of sophistication.

Looks grim, tastes lush

Looks grim, tastes lush

The Butterscotch Blast

One tube of Werthers Originals

Vodka (lots of it)

drink 7

This was the easiest and cheapest cocktail to make because it contains just two ingredients. Whiz the vodka and Werthers until smooth and then pour into a glass. It was delicious as a spirit by itself and would be perfect as a shot at predrinks.

Less of an obvious choice as a cocktail because of its high vodka content, the sweet, buttery taste of the Werthers Originals really took the edge off and one of our dads even polished off the lot. It took around 30 seconds to make and even less time to drink.

drink 8

The Flake Fail

One Flake



drink 10

So, in case you hadn’t gathered, we winged it with the recipes a bit – and while 75 per cent turned out brilliantly, this one didn’t.

The flake and vodka blended easily enough as the chocolate was so crumbly, but our previous success got the better of us and we decided to add milk.

It made us heave.

It made us heave.

We hoped it would thicken it up a little but all we really did was curdle an already bitter liquid into something that resembled a shit mix in ring of fire.

Don’t waste your time even trying this one – who even really likes Flakes anyway?

drink 11

So much choice.

Our verdict would be to make either the Snicker Kicker or the Butterscotch Blast, or if you’re feeling brave, try a flavour of your own choice.

The whole process of making the four drinks took just under 30 mins, including cleaning up, so it’s well-worth investing in.

Predrinks will never have looked so fun.