You can make your own alcohol for less than three quid

It tastes rubbish though

Why spend dollar on vodka when you can make your own booze for less than three quid? All you’ll need to buy is a slice of bread, fruit juice, sugar, and coffee filters.

alc 4

Once you’ve got your coffee filters, grab a slice of bread and break it apart. You can get your coffee filters online from Amazon but for the cheapest options, check out these ones which cost 90p.

If you don’t have any bread then you can get a loaf here for 40p, bargain.

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You then need to place your bread inside a coffee filter, before stapling it together.

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After that, place the bread bag in a glass or a jar. Boil a kettle and fill the glass to the halfway point and then screw a lid on it. Make sure there are no holes so use tape to secure it tightly.

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You then need to leave the jar to sit for eight hours. Go out, have fun and socialise. Or stay inside and watch Netflix, your call.

After eight hours is up, measure out 500ml of your chosen fruit juice and allow it to simmer in a pan for one minute. We have no idea what type of alcohol this is making by the way, all we know is this juice is orange and costs 69p.

alc 10

You then need to take out the bread bag from your jar and pour the remaining solution into the pan, along with 75ml equivalent of sugar. If you don’t already have any then it can be bought here for 40p.

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Let the mixture simmer for three minutes before pouring it into a new, larger jar. Open up another coffee filter and make it into a lid. This can be fiddly and will probably take you more than one attempt, but anything in the name of alcohol eh? You’ll need to use tape or an elastic band to secure it in place.

alc 12

The bad news is you’ll need to leave the drink to stand for 10 days before you can taste it so start brewing now to prepare for nights out next term because nobody likes clubbing sober.

alc 13

Fast forward 10 days and you’ll then need to pour the solution into a new glass, allowing it to seep through the coffee filter.

This took abut 4 days and in that time mould started to grow on top of the beverage. The original article we used as our recipe failed to mention this may happen, so in total the process took around two weeks. Consider this a heads up.

alc 14

You may also get alcohol poisoning from this drink as we have no idea what it’s meant to be or how safe it is. What we do know though is it tastes repulsive, so make it at your own risk. But remember, you’ll be saving bare dollar for nights out.

In total, you can make your own alcohol for £2.48 which is ridiculously cheap. It’s just a shame we don’t know whether it’s four per cent or 40 per cent.