Is it OK to go topless on the beach?

Free those nipples


Boobs, breasts, jugs, mammary glands – whatever you call them, we all have them.

It’s far more common to see a bloke with his nips out than a gal, but whether they’re on a beach or in their back gardens, some women choose to bare their bouncers too. But how does the public really feel about seeing women topless?

The Tab took to the streets to ask one simple question: Is it OK for women to go topless on the beach?

Fran, 20, student


“I went topless at a beach in Spain ’cause yolo. I wouldn’t do it in this country though, but in Spain I was just like why not? I don’t want tan lines!”

Gemma, 20, student


“Free the nipple. Man nipples are weirder and we have to see those all the time.”

Chelsea, 20, Energy Operations Assistant

“I don’t see a problem with it at all, why should we have pale titties?”

Scarlett, 20, student

5“I think the problem isn’t the action but how others perceive it. The way women have been used as a sex symbol for years makes people think it’s inappropriate. We’re not getting topless for your arousal, we just want a tan.”

Lily, 20, student


“Obviously get your tits out. Censoring the nipple is a microcosm of the way society wishes to control not only the female body but also other ways she navigates in society. Saying women can’t go topless just perpetrates the idea that women aren’t allowed to do certain things men can. It’s not fair.”

Callum, 20, student


“It shouldn’t be frowned upon, if you wanna do it you should do. Obviously some people are more comfortable than others but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. And it’s more of a thing if women do it, which is bullshit – we both have nipples #freethenipple.”

Abbie, 19, Harrods Fulfilment Clerk


“I don’t have a problem with women going topless on the beach. I think it’s good some women have the confidence to do so, that it won’t matter and that they won’t feel judged for it.”

Helen, 19, student


“Basically women should be able to do whatever the hell they want and feel like. Why should we be victims to other people’s perceptions of the nipple being offensive?”

Chris, 20, student


“Who really cares? If you want to get your boobs out then get your boobs out.”