We’re really well behaved: Disciplinary offences drop by nearly a third

But seven of you were caught urinating in public

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A mere 88 disciplinaries were dished out last year, compared to a whopping 279 in 2012.

The drop of nearly a third suggests we’ve either accepted a less anarchic group of freshers for the last couple of years, or the university has got worse at catching trouble-makers in the act.

In 2012, most disciplinary offences resulted in the guilty party receiving a warning.

However, an 40 unlucky rascals had to pay fines of £100 or more – the equivalent of 60 LCR VKs.


Think how many of these they could have bought

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Nearly half the offences in 2012 – 133 in total – were for anti-social behaviour, misbehaviour and noise disturbances, and mostly from repeat offenders.

Last year, there were only 17 reports of anti-social behaviour.

We’re also a lot more careful with our drugs, with just eight people caught smoking weed last year compared to 17 people in 2012.

There are still a few rebellious individuals at UEA though. Five brave people were caught last year going for a midnight dip in the lake and were warned for health and safety breaches.


What does anti-social even mean?


In other notable incidents, four were charged with copyright infringement and seven were caught urinating in public.

One thing which hasn’t changed at all over the last few years is the relationship we all have with UEA fire alarms.

Last year there were 38 reports related to breaches of fire regulations, the same number there had been in 2012.