LGBT+ nights are coming to the LCR

‘It’s something other unions do and I think we need to catch up’

The student union has passed a motion for LGBT+ LCR nights to be held in the future.

Current LGBT+ office Dan Wrigglesworth told The Tab: “The motion itself means that UEApride committee and the LGBT+ caucus will be working with the student union to create an LGBT+ night on campus.”






He continued: “It’s something that other unions already do and I think we need to catch up. We have an award winning LGBT+ society and we have one of the highest percentages of LGBT+ students in the country and I really wanted a night out where students could feel safe.

“Also the only other place that offers an LGBT+ student night is Loft and it isn’t accessible for disabled students.”


When asked how frequently the nights would be held, Dan said: “The beauty of my motion is that we don’t know yet. That’s for LGBT+ representatives to decide.

He urged: “We need as many LGBT+ students having their say to make sure its what they want. It’s not for me to have stated in my motion because i am just one person and my night out experience will always be different from any one else’s”.

The LGBT+ society of the year award

The LGBT+ society of the year award

Bronia McGregor, this year’s Women’s Officer Rep and next year’s President of Pride, said: “The options for LGBT+ students in Norwich are very limited and aren’t accessible for everyone therefore it’s important for the union to do what they can on campus for LGBT+ students.”

2014/15 officer Dan

2014/15 officer Dan

She went on: “Passing this motion and ensuring that there are a wide range of events for LGBT+ students throughout the year is a great step in making the campus more inclusive and UEA a better experience for everyone.”