Union to enforce Pimp My Barrow noise regulations

Update: check the date

The Union announced today it will be regulating noise levels during this year’s Pimp My Barrow.

It comes after complaints the event was taking place during exam period – when many students would be revising in the library.

The Union has requested those in the Square keep noise levels down to a minimum, going so far as to ask them to speak in a voice “no louder than a loud whisper”.

A Union representative said: “Pimp My Barrow is a big event in the Union calendar and we want as many students involved as possible. However, we also need to ensure we consider those who can’t be involved due to exams.

“We understand students were concerned about noise levels in the Square while they are revising in the library and surrounding university buildings.

“We hope these new measures will put those fears to rest. The regulations are not extreme – we just want people to speak in the Square at the same volume they would in the library.”

The Union sparked controversy after scheduling the event to take place during exams season, leaving many third years wondering how they would be able to revise in the library during the event.

A petition to have the date moved to outside of exam season has already gained over 700 signatures.

A third year History student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “These new rules are awful.

“I don’t have exams, I want to have fun at Pimp My Barrow and now I’ve been told I have to act like I do in the library.

“It’s bad enough all my friends can’t come to Pimp My Barrow, now those of us who can have to act like we’re in the library. It’s ridiculous.”