Geordie Shore’s Gaz got mortal in Lola’s

He said he doesn’t even watch the show

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Newcastle’s most famous chiselled charmer made the trek all the way to Norwich – even though he said it’s “fucking miles away”.

Gaz Beadle, who found fame through Geordie Shore, also revealed he doesn’t even watch the show, despite being on it for all 10 series.

With perfectly coiffed hair, a thick Geordie accent and an air of arrogance, he’s every bit the guy who appears on the show.

But that’s not really a surprise – Geordie Shore is one of the few reality TV shows understanding the meaning of “reality”.

Gaz said: “It’s the God’s honest truth – everything on Geordie Shore is real. The only thing they tell us is where we’re going. I can say what I want.”

Omg Gaz is here

As one of only three remaining original cast members, Gaz has been on the show for a staggeringly long time.

In fact, he’s been on the team so long he names himself the “Lampard” of the house.

But having been on the show for five years, he’s not the biggest fan.

He said: “I don’t watch Geordie Shore. I watched the first three series.”

Despite this, he ensures us the new series will be bigger and binge-ier than ever.

“Wait until you see the new series – the two new people are wicked.”

Gary promises us his new boozing pals Chloe November and Nathan Henry will inject a new lease of life when they join the show.

“Chloe hasn’t got a clue how to do her make-up yet, she doesn’t know what dresses to wear.

“At the start she had fights with Charlotte, but she’ll give as good as she gets.

“She’s quite a chavy kind of person, but she’s perfect.”

Nathan is the first ever bisexual cast member to join the show, and Gaz tells us he’s proud the show is raising LGBT awareness.

“The first day he came in, we had full banter with him. He stayed in the lads’ room.

“He’s sound. When’s he’s off to the shag pad with a lad, I’m like woah.

“Imagine that on Geordie Shore. A reality show has never shown a gay person actually snogging or shagging a lad.”

Gaz is under no pretence about what a privileged position he’s in.

While filming in Cancun, he went out 47 nights in a row and didn’t even have to wake up for a 9am lecture the next day.

He said: “When Holly whinges, I’m like what are you complaining for? It’s a Monday afternoon and you are being paid to skydive.”

But even though he’s out all the time, he’s not bored of clubbing yet – but he does reckon he only has three more years of chaos and kebabs left in him.

He said: “I’m 27 on Sunday, I would quit if I was still doing this when I’m 30.

“I can’t be 30 years old but out binging, birds, banter.

“At 30 I want kids, a bird and a house.”

Since the start of the show, we’ve seen Gaz’s relationship with his fellow Northerner Charlotte blossom and deteriorate faster than a student on Jägerbombs.

But devoted followers of the will-they-won’t-they romance will be gutted to know Gaz says it’s all in the past, and him and Charlotte are “better than they’ve ever been”.

He also told us he’s learnt his lesson and stays clear of the girls in the house this series.

He added: “I respect women, but obviously if I’m going to a club and I pick up a girl at the end of the night then…”

Geordie Shore returns April 7.