Four out of five officers successfully re-elected

Not much has changed really…

The results are in – these are your new officers for next year.

With a turnout of less than 15 per cent, the results of the Union elections results were far from radical.

Four out of five of the full time officers stayed the same. Will we ever get rid of them?

At least they won’t have to replace any of those massive photos in the Hive.

The only officer vacating her seat is the current Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer, Holly Staynor.

She’ll be replaced by Jo Swo who won 1172 votes in the fourth round. She celebrated her win in style.

Unsurprisingly, Activities and Opportunities Officer election brought a huge turnout, with 2243 of you voting.

Yinbo Yu won with the biggest victory of the night and was re-elected as Activities and Opportunities Officer.

He won with 1628 votes in the fourth round.

However, his landslide victory turned out to be contentious. Voters took to Yik Yak to vent their anger and show their support for his competitor and sports societies’ favourite, Joe Skeet.

And remember Rand? Connor pipped Lizzie Cody to the post and was re-elected as Undergraduate Education Officer for another year.

He won with 1025 votes in the third round.

In the election for Campaigns and Democracy Officer, Chris Jarvis proved that goats really do win you votes.

Only 1641 votes were cast but Chris stormed to victory winning 1052 votes in the first round.

Liam McCafferty was standing unchallenged in the election. Predictably he won with 129 votes and will keep his seat as Postgraduate Education Officer.

And for part-time positions, Theo Antoniou-Phillips won LGBT+ Officer against his competitor Elliot Folan.

He won 203 votes out of the 371 that were cast.

After his victory, he said: “I was scared out of my wits – Elliot ran a great campaign.”

Beth Smith was announced as the new Women’s Officer. She won 440 votes whilst her rival Emily Cutler won 300.

Alex McCloskey took Ethical Issues Officer despite being the first victim of the callous Banner Bandit. He won 738 votes out of 1294.

1420 votes were cast for Environment Officer. In one of the closest results of the evening, Sam Jones won in the third round with 1104 votes.

Hussam Hussein Oweis won Ethnic Minorities Officer, replacing current officer Freddie Redfern who was hoping for re-election.

He gained 124 votes out 243.

Tom Etheridge became the first Non-Portfolio Officer after he won 258 first preference votes.

The other non-portfolio positions went to Philippa Costello in the third round and Cameron Mellowes and Jack Robinson in the fifth round.

Philippa was the first woman to win a position in one of the contested elections (aside from Women’s Officer… obviously)

Paul Erasmus took the position of Mature Students Officer – a pretty unsurprising result considering he was the only candidate.

Students with Disabilities’ Officer, another uncontested election, was won by Aaron Hood. He won 150 first preference votes out of 184.

Finally, Ting Ni gained 181 first preference votes in her unchallenged election and won International Students’ Officer.

Get used to seeing these smiling faces lurking in Union House.