Meet your part-time candidates

There’s so many of them

There’s only a few days left to vote in the election. But with so many posters, leaflets and free cookies on offer it’s impossible to know who’s any good.

We caught up with the candidates for the part-time officer roles to find out all about them just in case you’re still undecided.

Environment Officer

Frith Dunkley, Second year Environmental Geography and International Development student

Campaign slogan – With Frith
Where do I recognise her from? – Frith is currently involved in loads of green and ethical societies. She’s secretary of the UEA Young Greens, student rep for the ethical steering group and sit on Union Council.
Most important policy – Frith is supporting “The Big Switch”. She’s encouraging students to switch away from the Big 6 energy companies and take control over who they invest their money in.
Fun Fact – Frith’s first word was Woolworths (RIP)

Sam Jones, Second year politics student

Campaign slogan – #SamsGotAPlan
Where do I recognise him from – Sam’s heavily involved in the PSI Society. He’s their publicity sec, their Union Council rep and runs their Twitter.
Most important policy – Sam wants to warm all our houses up and keep our bills down by forcing landlords to install insulation.
Fun fact – Sam’s a huge folk music fan – he can’t get enough of that sweet accordion.

Sara Mendoza

Campaign slogan – HHH: Help me to help you to help the environment
Where do I recognise her from? – Whilst at UEA, Sara’s been involved in a huge variety of societies from yoga and volleyball to International Students Society.
Most important policy – Sara wants to work with societies to make campus as green as possible. She also wants to install more bike spaces, more recycling bins and more eco-friendly campaigns.
Fun fact – Sara’s a bit of a jetsetter. She’s never lived in the same country for more than six years.

Ethical Issues Officer

Thomas Johnston, second year History and Politics

Campaign slogan – It’s time for Tom
Where do I recognise him from? – Tom’s face was all over campus last year when he unsuccessfully campaigned to be Ethical Issues Officer. He’s also heavily involved in politics as the Secretary for the UEA Lib Dems and the Lib Dem election candidate for Bowthorpe.
Most important policy – Tom’s passionate about the Living Wage campaign. He wants to lobby to Norwich City Council to endorse the living wage in top employers and get living wage employers to the top of the Career Central listings.
Fun fact – Thomas is named after Thomas the Tank Engine because his older brother chose his name. Big shoes to fill.

Alex McCloskey

Campaign slogan – Alex for Ethics
Where do I recognise him from? – As well as presenting a show on Livewire Alex is a real do-gooder. He’s the treasurer of Save the Children and recently went on the Living Wage march.
Most important policy – Alex wants to make campus safer. He’ll make it easier to report any problems you have regardless of sexuality, gender, race or ability.
Fun fact – Alex has a brown belt in karate

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Freddie Redfern

Campaign slogan – Redfern runs
Where do I recognise him from? Freddie is our current Ethnic Minorities Officer. He’s also involved in loads of societies, sits on lots of committees and is involved in the PSI School too. Busy guy.
Most important policy – Freddie wants to carry on the work he’s started this year and have greater representation of ethnic minorities within the Union
Fun Fact – Freddie took a gap year to train as a chef

Hussam Hussein Oweis third year PhD in International Development

Campaign slogan – Vote Hussam for an inclusive UEA, where everyone feels truly accepted…catchy
Where do I recognise him from? – Hussam was ethnic minority officer in 2012. He’s also a man of many societies. He’s a member of the Music Society, Arab Cultural Society and Japanese Society and he sings in the UEA Choir. Hussam is also currently setting up an Italian Society and a European Society.
Most important policy – Hussam wants to make UEA even more inclusive. He’ll make sure everyone feels included regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. He’ll also help all forms of transphobia, homophobia and racism, especially Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

Ayoola Shekoni

Campaign slogan – #shekyourprivilege
Where do I recognise her from? – Ayoola’s not involved in much on campus…yet. She decided to run this year after becoming disillusioned with the Union and feeling that the elections are just popularity contests.
Most important policy – Ayo wants to increase representation of ethnic minorities within academia. She also wants to start addressing LGTB+ issues and sexism within ethnic minorities.
Fun fact – Ayo is a big rock and metal fan.

LGBT+ Officers

Theo Antoniou-Phillips second year English and American Literature

Campaign slogan – A voice for LGBT+ students
Where do I recognise him from? – Theo has already been a Non-Portfolio officer and is currently secretary of Pride. You might also recognise Theo from behind the coffee machine – he’s a team leader at Unio.
Most important policy – Theo wants more gender neutral facilities on campus and hopes to stamp out homophobia and transphobia in halls.
Fun Fact – Theo has hidden musical talent. He played bass guitar in a jazz band at the Royal Albert Hall.

Elliot Folan

Campaign slogan – 
For feminism, free education and democracy
Where do I recognise them from? – Elliot is already heavily involved in the Union. They have been a news editor for Concrete, a delegate to the NUS conference, President of Dr Who Society and a union councillor three times in a row.
Most important policy – Elliot has already been passionately campaigning for gender neutral toilets on campus. This year, they’re determined to get them into every building on campus. Even if it means they have to sit in the Vice Chancellor’s office with a megaphone.
Fun Fact  – Elliot’s a big Community fan and owns an authentic “Troy and Abed in the Morning” mug from the series

Women’s Officer

Emily Cutler, first year Economics

Campaign slogan – Emily for Equality
Where do I recognise her from? – You can usually find Emily in the LCR but if you fancy meeting her away from the sticky floors she’s an active member in the Kayaking Society and Treasurer for the Lib Dem Society.
Most important policy – Emily’s got your sex life at the centre of her campaign. She wants the University to offer more advice for students experiencing unplanned pregnancies and lower priced condoms to prevent STD’s
Fun fact – Emily was a volunteer at the 2012 Olympics.

Bethany Smith, second year Education

Campaign slogan – #smallbutmighty
Where do I recognise her from? – Beth is the treasurer for Feminist Society, she’s also on the committee for Education Society and the British Sign Language Society.
Most important policy – Beth wants to create a ‘Buddy Up’ app for women-identifying students so that they can travel safely.
Fun fact – Beth’s a keen knitter, she recently knitted a monster cushion.

International Officer

Ting Ni

Campaign slogan – Choose me for a better future
Where do I recognise her from?  – You might recognise Ting from The Hive where she sells snacks at the Pop Up Market. She’s also a member of the Chinese Society.
Most important policy – Ting wants to start a culture week where international students can show off food and culture from all over the world.
Fun Fact – She’s a bit of a foodie. Ting spends hours online looking up speciality food and even has sweets imported from China and Japan.


Jess Brown, third year American and English Lit

Campaign slogan – Turn that frown upside Brown
Where do I recognise her from? – Last year, Jess was President of the Quidditch Society and Equality and Diversity Officer for the Feminist Society.
Most important policy – Jess wants the Union to offer more advice for students before, during and after their years abroad.
Fun Fact – As well as currently studying in Canada, Jess has lived in four different continents.

Philippa Costello, second year Politics

Campaign slogan – Nothing rhymes with Philippa or Costello so she hasn’t got one. Poor effort.
Where do I recognise her from? – When she’s not busy smuggling snacks onto Floor 1 of the library, Philippa working behind the reception in Union House.
Most important policy – Philippa wants to prove that everyone should get involved in the Union. She’s determined to prove that anyone can make the Union better.
Fun fact – Several people have told Philippa that she looks like Dory from Finding Nemo. Not sure whether that’s a compliment or not…

Adam Curtis,  second year Politics

Campaign slogan – Cheaper Food and Drink on Campus. Simple.
Where do I recognise him from? – Aside from having a self-proclaimed “pretty sweet beard”, Adam is also a NUS Delegate
Most important policy- The slogan gives it away. Adam wants cheaper, tastier food on campus.
Fun Fact – For his birthday, Adam got given a canvas of himself as the Mona Lisa.

Tom Etheridge

Campaign slogan – We deserve better
Where do I recognise him from? – Tom already knows the business – he’s one of our current Non-Porfolio Officers. He’s also Head of Daytime at Livewire.
Most important policy – Tom’s going to stop making to wait for your booze. He wants to make the queues shorter at the Shop, the LCR and Unio.
Fun fact – Tom was the one responsible for Greg James’ broadcast from campus.

Emilly Kitching

Campaign slogan – Elect Emilly
Where do I recognise her from? – If you’re a science student you probably recognise Emilly. She’s a Science Faculty Convenor and spends a lot of time chatting to science reps.
Most important policy – Emilly wants to make student life easier. She wants more support during revision season. She also wants to offer help and advice for students doing joint honour degrees.
Fun fact – Watch out other canidates – Emilly has a black belt in karate.  

Cameron Mellowes, first year Society, Media and Culture

Campaign slogan – Lights, Cameron, Action!
Where do I recognise him from? –
Another candidate for the beard lovers, Cameron’s got a some luscious facial hair and a flare for floral shirts. As well as this he presents a show on Livewire.
Most important policy – Cameron wants to set up a jobs fair in the LCR as part of Freshers Week. No more living in your overdraft.
Fun fact – Cameron has a fantasy about eating his way out of a bath of skittles. We don’t even know.

Jack Robinson, first year Politics

Campaign slogan – #RobinsonNo1
Where do I recognise him from? – Jack works in the Union, sorting everyone’s problems out from behind reception. He’s also Vice-President of Debating Society and Secretary of Red Cross Society.
Most important policy – Jack’s going to freeze drink prices in the pub. But don’t worry – if you’re too hungover he’s going to make sure all lecturers are recorded too.
Fun fact – Jack’s mingled with royalty at Buckingham Palace for the Red Cross’ 150th anniversary party.

Mature students officer

Paul Erasmus, foundation Computer Science

Campaign slogan – Aye lad, they don’t make ’em like they used ta
Where do I recognise him from? You might recognise Paul from the Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Sciences (we’re not sure what that is) or the Grad Bar (we definitely know what that is)
Most important policy – Paul wants to bring more recognition to the mature students at UEA and implement and anti-age discrimination policy.
Fun fact – Paul went to school with Rowan Atkinson

Students with disabilities officer

Aaron Hood

Campaign slogan – In Hood we trust
Where do I recognise him from? – Aaron is secretary of Judo Society. He also enjoys getting involved in politics. He sits on Union Council, is involved with Labour Society and is working on a project with UEA:TV to interview all the Norwich South Candidates.
Most important policy – Aaron’s going to make mental health week better publicised and create online wellbeing forums for students.
Fun fact – He does stand up comedy – anything to make Union Council more bearable.

The Tab made an effort to contact all the candidates – even if it was soul-destroying. These are the candidates that replied.

Voting is still open for a few more days and you can vote here