Police launch major manhunt after student spotted with toy machete

His mum has given him a stern telling off

Police helicopters and firearms units were called to Mousehold Heath, five miles east of the UEA Campus yesterday evening following a report of a young male carrying what appeared to be a sword.

Mousehold Heath is just five miles from campus

After an hour of wide-scale deployment over the Norwich heathland around 5:30pm, police were stood down by a call from the unnamed 18-year old boy’s mum to the police control room.

She described the weapon as a “toy machete” used for her son’s film project.

It is, as yet, unclear which college the student attends.

However, it has been pointed out that the Open Academy Norwich backs onto the heathland and is often utilised by budding student filmmakers.

Following the incident, Norfolk Constabulary issued a plea to the public to leave their toys at home or face a stern telling off.

Supt. Stuart Gunn said, “Strong words of advice were given to the 18 year old male with regards to the alarm that has been caused:

“We would kindly ask members of the public if they are planning any sort of activity of filming in a public place that may prompt concern amongst the public and, consequently, trigger any police activity, to call us in advance so that we can give suitable advice.

“If the police receive reports of what is believed to be a weapon, openly displayed in public places or used in an inappropriate manner then we need to react promptly to the information that we are given at that time.

Public safety will always be our priority when dealing with such incidents, imitation weapons should not be used, or left, in public view.”

Leave your fake machetes in the Drama Studio

With UEA offering an array of BA’s in filmmaking and production the message is clear.

It’s probably not a good idea to wield a fake machete in public with no prior warning, no massive production entourage and within the immediate vicinity of a primary school and college.

Otherwise you will get told off by the police, and much more terrifyingly, your mum.