Here are the models of the KAOS fashion show

We went backstage and they were even more beautiful up close

Everyone knows that UEA students are fit and on Sunday night we proved it again at the eighth annual KAOS fashion show.

Campus’ cutest strutted their stuff in LCR showing how good they all look in their undies (and how hideous the rest of us are).

We managed to get backstage and mingle with the beautiful people.

It turns out being Norwich’s Next Top Model isn’t as glamorous as we thought and involves quite a lot of sitting around, looking bored.

Presenter and English Lit third year Amy Fancourt said: “It was a really fun night, all the models were so nice and the hair and makeup artists were professionals brought in.

“The audience was a bit tough at first but everyone warmed up after the interval.

“It was a bit chaotic backstage, lots of people running around and cheerleaders and ACS practicing their dances.”

Our fantastic hosts for the evening – Amy and Charlie

This year the KAOS fashion show welcomed independent brands with a marketplace full of pop up shops in the Hive.

KAOS made the most of our home grown talent, featuring student-run fashion lines such as Love From Matte and SAN•Ni.

Matt Pate, Business third year and founder of Love From Matte said: “The night was incredible and it was good to see the weeks of behind the scenes preparation by the KAOS committee starting to pay off during the day’s rehearsals.

“It was great to see UEA African Caribbean Society returning from last year with even better dances and pieces of clothing, as well as other independent and student start up brands like Sanni and Blakely.

“It’s really good to see each year the shows grows and it was awesome to have the pop up shops in the Hive where the audience could show their support for certain brands and causes.”

This year, KAOS was featuring clothes from some huge brands. The models rocked New Look, Gap and Fat Face just to name a few.

And it wasn’t all posing. The show featured performances from the African-Caribbean Society, UEA Cheerleading, Indian Society, and the Nigerian Society.

The highlight (and most anticipated moment of the night) had to be the lovely ladies who modelled underwear and swimwear.

The girls showed off their enviable figures in Ann Summers and New Look Swimwear.

We’re going home to eat pizza and cry about how beautiful they are.

Third year Ann Summers model for the night Emily Fedorowycz said: “It was a great day, tough but very rewarding! I met some amazing people and everybody worked so hard to pull off the show.

“My favourite act was the African-Caribbean dancers, who I thought were totally mesmerising, but obviously modelling for Ann Summers was a pretty exciting part too.

“Considering I’d never modelled before, modelling for Ann Summers was kind of like being thrown in at the deep end!

“I was incredibly nervous, as were most of the other girls I went up with, but we all were supporting one another backstage and once we got up there the adrenaline just kicked in. Plus the audience were really friendly.”

Organiser and President of the KAOS Society Amy Lloyd said: “The KAOS Fashion Show 2015 was a huge success!

“We all had a fantastic time raising money for our three charities, New Hope Children Centres in Kenya and Cambodia and Khandal Light in India.

“My personal highlight was the line for Retreat Vintage: the models looked stunning and their clothes really stood out.

“We will be able to release the final count of how much the event has raised after the KAOS Afterparty. Which will taking place this Thursday at Mantra- everyone is invited!”

For more information check out their Facebook page.