Get ready to feel the love: UEA’s favourite fresher is back again

This time Thomas Rees is dishing out Valentine’s advice

Being a campus celebrity and musical genius just isn’t enough for some freshers. 

Fabulous fresher Thomas Rees is back and this time he’s dishing out the relationship advice.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Thomas has decided to become to agony aunt that UEA truly deserves.

Hot on the tail of his hit song, Carrion, the self proclaimed “kaleidoscopic cupid” is sharing his top tips for those of us who are unluckier-in-love.

Thomas’ amorous advice includes:

• Don’t buy your date flowers, buy them flour

• Remind your loved one that you exist at every opportunity

• Don’t send a Valentine’s Card – no one loves you anyway

• Reply to all texts as quickly and un-needily as possible 

Tom’s newest video has been branded “cringe” and “what the weird kids do when they leave school”. It’s even made its way to number seven on the Cringe subreddit.

But Thomas doesn’t seem too fussed by his haters.

He said: “I don’t mind being called cringey, since that’s precisely what I’m going for.

“What does irritate me a bit is when people assume that it’s unknowingly cringey – trust me I’m in control of how bad it is.”

And it seems like being cringe might not be as bad as it sounds.

By putting his own advice to good use, Tom’s bagged himself a (sort of) date for Valentine’s Day

He said: “There is someone – and if she’s reading this she will know who she is – who should check their post this weekend. Though that’s total speculation on my part and I couldn’t confirm or deny anything.”

Whoever the lucky lady is, she’s in for a treat.

When we quizzed him on his ideal date Tom said: “For a date to be ideal, all you need is the ideal person – anything else is superfluous.

“Also… Nandos.”

It turns out that under all the jokes, Thomas is a real sweetheart. He wants people to stop getting stressed out over Valentine’s Day.

He said: “Valentine’s should never be an obligation – don’t feel pressured into situations you don’t want to be in.

“If you’re not where you want to be now, there’s still the rest of the year.”

And Tom’s definitely got some fun things planned for the rest of year. He’s currently making a new video every week.

As well as this he’s the co-creator of a short film which will open this year’s Norwich Film Festival and will be sent around the world to other international festivals.

We see future Oscar nominations.