I got the box room and I hate it

My flatmates think it’s hilarious


The allocation is the box room is a one of the truest test of friendships at uni.

For freshers who haven’t experienced it yet, the box room is the room that makes Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs look like a spacious abode.

One who made the heroic move to take the box room is second year Louisa.

Is a room that small even legal?

Is a room that small even legal?

In a selfless attempt to stop her housemates killing each other over who will be forced to live like a hobbit for the next year, the brave Law student took one for the team – a decision she regrets six months later:

“It makes prison look cosy. And I think prisons get heating, so they’re beating me there.

“I have the extension room so it is the temperature of the Antarctic on a good day. Oh, and I can actually see condensation when I breathe…

“Compared to my igloo, my housemates live on an exotic island.

“If I stay in there longer than a few hours I definitely start questioning my sanity. I really do hate it.”

Just chillin

Just chillin

And her housemates have no pity for Louisa: “They’re constantly poking fun at how untidy my room is whilst I have to keep justifying myself by the fact that I have the storage space for about one module.

“The other day I’d been at uni for hours. I told them there would be an article on the box room and how mean they are.

“So they decided to wrap up everything in my room for fun.”


I think I may take their advice

She just might