Are you the star of Channel 5’s newest binge drinking documentary?

‘I’m just hoping no one gets their cock out again’

Norwich is set to feature in a new Channel 5 series on Britain’s drinking culture called “Closing Time”.

Set on student favourite Prince of Wales Road, Norwich After Dark “explores the chaos and commotion that comes with a night out in Norwich.”

The programme, which is set to air later this year, documents the work of SOS Bus volunteers, as well as “the UKʼs biggest taxi waiting room where the party never stops”.

Prince of Wales Road

Prince of Wales Road after the clubs have closed.

The episode will follow the work of the SOS Bus team.

Students have been showing their support for the series coming to Norwich.

Biomedicine student Jac Goult said: “It’s great that the programme is showing what the SOS team do, as their work can be underestimated.

“However, if I had been asked to be part of the programme, I probably would have said no- being drunk is not pretty and usually embarrassing.”

But others weren’t so positive about it. Third year English Literature student Lucy Morris said: “I’m just hoping no one gets their cock out again.

“Also that it will feature that incident where a guy threw a rat at another guy.”

The episode will follow the work of the SOS Bus team.

A representative from the SOS Bus said: “The primary aim of  getting involved in ‘Norwich after Dark’ was to raise the profile of the SOS Bus and the work it does to offer assistance to anyone at risk whilst out in Norwich city centre during the weekends.”

“Whilst we have seen an increase in the number of people who have accessed our services over the last 10 years, not everyone who presents to the SOS Bus is there because of alcohol- there are many other reasons for people accessing our services.”