UEA’s best fresher is back

And this time he’s making music

Everyone’s favourite Fresher, Thomas Rees, is back with the hottest record in the world right now.

After finding fame with his introductory video way back in September, Thomas Rees has become the biggest BNOC to hit campus since whoever won our BNOC competition last year.

But if you thought that our Thomas was a one hit wonder then you were dead wrong. He’s back under his musical pseudonym ‘Ash Meteors’ with a video for his new song ‘Carrion’.

We caught up with Tom to talk about his new song, new video and what he’s got in store for us for the rest of the year.

‘Carrion’ is Tom’s first musical endeavour since starting at UEA.

He said: “No particular event inspired the song lyrically but musically it was originally inspired by the band Metronomy – although it didn’t end up sounding much like them.

“Like all my music it was all written and recorded myself, and it was the first song I wrote at university.”

Not only was the song a lyrical challenge for Tom, he also set himself the task of conceiving, filming and editing the video in just 10 hours.

Tom “spent about an hour deciding the basics like location and props, the filming itself was largely a race against the sun going down and then the editing and exporting took the longest time of all of them.”

The video, complete with whisks, evil scientists and guitars with super powers is an emotional rollercoaster. But if you, like us, have no idea what it’s about then don’t worry…neither does Tom.

“I could be all arty and say it’s a comment on mental health issues but really it’s more about trying to make a semi-coherent music video in the space of a day.”


For you eagle eyed Thomas Rees fans you might notice a familiar wardrobe choice. Tom’s famous Golden Fleece has returned.

“I was certainly excited to incorporate the Golden Fleece as a plot point” Tom says “I expect it’ll probably make some future appearances in videos, along with some other Easter eggs that I’ve already started seeding.”

Despite all the fame he earned for his Freshers introduction video, Tom says he doesn’t have any “immediate plans for more videos”.

Luckily for us, Tom has got other musical plans up his golden sleeves.

“I’m currently in the middle of a process that will culminate in a new song being debuted on my radio show with my co-host Thomas Little.

“It’s a Christmas song called ‘Counting Sleeps’ and so it’ll be released during our last show before Christmas”

And if that wasn’t enough to get you in the festive mood, Tom wants everyone to be a part of his Christmas jingle.

“For the first time I’m incorporating other people into the track; though I’ve still written it myself,

“I’m getting a bunch of people to be part of what I have hilariously called ‘The LiveChoir’. Plus my co-host is taking co-lead vocal duties with me.”

We can feel a Christmas number one coming on.

You can get involved with the undoubtably greatest Christmas song of our generation here. Or keep to date with Tom twenty fours hours a day here.