We were targeted by thieves posing as workmen

They claimed our landlord sent them


Two men knocked on my door on Monday afternoon claiming to be “loft insulators” sent by my landlord.

They were in their late twenties/early thirties posing as workmen on my doorstep in West Earlham.

Immediately thinking this was dodgy, I informed them that we had no prior warning of this and asked them what the name of my landlord was…

“Errr I can’t remember what his name was.”

Hmm a bit funny, I thought, last time I checked my landlord was a female.

“You do realise our landlord is a woman called Lorraine?”

“Oh, er yes it was a long time ago we were booked.”

I then showed him the business card of our landlord and said he should call her before I can let him in. He then quickly took a glance, without even looking at the number, and then hastily walked back down the drive and said “oh okay we’ll call her then” with his “colleague” following behind.

An hour or so later I called my landlord. She had no record of this and said that the loft insulation had actually been done earlier this year:

“I’m as confused as you are- if anyone comes round they have to go through us first and then we let you know”.

She advised me if anyone does come round and you’re not aware of it, simply don’t let them in and call your landlord to check.

Although it might seem rude, it’s much better that than getting your stuff nicked or people scoping out what they’re going to steal when you go home for the Christmas holidays.

The men that came to our property clearly weren’t there to make our loft nice and snug, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We have now made the West Earlham Police Station aware of the incident. They hadn’t received any similar reports as of yet, but I would definitely urge everyone (not just in the West Earlham area) to be vigilant to workmen who turn up out of the blue without first being told by the landlord.