Have you watched these freshers and their kitchen orchestra?

Because you should

A clip featuring five UEA first years banging on pots and pans has gone viral.

The 30 second clip has racked up over 700 Facebook likes and over 16,000 views – all in just four days.


In a take-off on the original viral video ‘When Mama isn’t Home’, the video captures several first years banging pots, pan lids and the door of a kitchen locker in time to music.


Entitled ‘The UEA Kitchen Utensil Orchestra’, the parody features first-year Sophie Edmonds playing on the cello – before three other students launch in with cups, spoons and clanging pan lids.

The final musical accompaniment is provided by first year Josh Chambers rhythmically slamming the door of a kitchen food locker.

After being posted on Facebook on the 26th of October at 6:30pm, the video quickly went viral across campus. The freshers’ performance has since gained over 700 ‘likes’, and been shared 50 times on Facebook alone.


Director and uploader of the video, Josh Chambers, explained that the flatmates came up with the idea for the video about a week ago.

“Basically, we saw the original video online – and I pressured Sophie Edmonds to get her cello. Sophie listened to the song for 3 minutes and then came in and played the exact thing! I play drums and between us we got a few bits together. Our flat are pretty musical and always end up tapping.”

He also explained that the parody was filmed in Suffolk Terrace, and took only four takes to get right.

“We had a take, but another flat mate walked in and wanted to join – then I kept on missing the ending.”


But this may not be the finale for the kitchen orchestra – as the freshers hinted they may yet be back with an encore based on other viral videos.

Josh, however, is pretty happy with the freshers’ first musical performance.

“We thought we could do something funny – but didn’t expect it to get the likes and 15,000 views it got!”