Nap rooms proposed around campus

No more sleeping in lectures

Sleepy students have put a motion to Union Council to introduce “Nap Nooks” on Campus.

The motion, named ‘1608 Sleepy Time’, has been proposed by Post-grad Officer Liam McCafferty and Activies and Opportunities Officer Yinbo Yu.

The inspiration comes from the James Madison University in Virginia. JMU added ‘Nap Nooks’ to their campus in 2013 in a bid to keep their students wide awake for lectures.

No more sneaky library naps

Students will be able to rent a bean bag in the SU for forty minutes in order to catch their forty winks.

There is also hope of adding a ‘nap room’ to campus where those suffering from their traditional post-LCR hangover can nod off.

Chris Jarvis, Campaigns and Democracy Officer at the Union, said: “The motion has been filed and whilst nothing is set in stone, we hope that we’ll get students’ support at the Union Council.

“Then, we can begin to implement the scheme in the next academic year as part of the ongoing changes to Union House.”

The next Union Council meeting is on Thursday, and with beanbags already in Unio’s seating area, things are looking hopeful.

No need to use your own bed – sleep in the SU!

The officers hope the bed-ucation will teach students about “the dangers of sleep deprivation and the important qualities of sleep”.

And the motion looks to prove popular with students.

Third year Society, Media and Culture student, Kristine Storegraven said: “I think it’s a good idea, I’ve seen people napping on the library floor during exam times. Sometimes I’d love to nap during a long day of study – usually I go home and sleep and then I don’t get any work done.”

Although some are not so keen.

Third year law student, Sam Cripps said “It’s creepy and I wouldn’t use it. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a room surrounded by loads of other sleeping people. What would I do with all my stuff whilst I’m asleep? The library is a good enough place to have a nap already…also I’d be worried about dribbling.”

The motion hopes to introduce a nap room within the academic year. No word yet on who will supply the pyjamas.