Norwich students spend the least on munch

Norwich students ranked 12th in the Student Living Index

We might not be great with our cash, but at least we keep our waistlines slim.

In Natwest’s annual Student Living Index, students from the city were ranked 12th out of 25 in a league based on how economically university students live, with Cardiff limping in at the very bottom of the table.

It would seem those studying in Scotland are among the best at managing their money in the UK, with Glasgow and Edinburgh dominating proceedings in first and third place respectively.

While Glaswegian students only spend twice the amount they earn through part-time work, students from London spend a massive four and a half times more.


Wages burn a hole in the pocket of Norwich students.

But while UEA and NUA students are splashing their cash in some areas, they were found to be the most frugal when it comes to their nosh.

We spend just £8.40 a week on eating out, the least in the UK.

The Student Living Index also found that the average student spends just £24.60 on weekly groceries.


Far from standard fare for those studying at UEA.

Surprisingly, Norwich is also a university city where students spend less than £10 a week on booze.

With 22% of students surveyed stating that their parents are providing them with less financial support this year than they did in 2013, this figure stands to drop even further in the coming years.