Missing cat found on campus

Security guards find missing cat on campus and see its safe return to its owner

Rossco, an 8 year old Bengal cat worth around £400, went missing from his home in Borrowdale Drive, near Heartsease, back in March.

His owner, Tara Kelf, had all but lost hope for Rossco, hearing nothing of his whereabouts for two months, before she received a call on May 22nd from the RSCPA to say that he had been found. A Bengal cat is a breed popular amongst criminals, and Miss Kelf said that she believed thieves had taken him.

“Rossco went missing in late March/early April. We put posters everywhere but when we didn’t hear anything we feared the worst,” she said. “I burst into tears when I got the call.

“I have no idea where he would have gone to or how he got all the way to the UEA as he never usually wanders too far from home.”

UEA security guards found Rossco hiding under a bush on campus and contacted the RSPCA. Luckily for both Rossco and Miss Kef, Rossco had been microchipped, meaning he could be traced back to his owner.

Maybe Rossco had heard of the deluxe bunnies UEA caters so well for?

Maybe Rossco had heard of the deluxe bunnies UEA caters so well for?

The RSPCA said: “This really goes to show the benefits of microchipping your pet”, and Rossco was returned home to Miss Kelf, suffering from a few fleas.

Perhaps Rossco was taken by thieves, or maybe he’d heard of the campus rabbits and fancied a tasty treat. We’ll never know, but at least Rossco has been safely returned home!