It’s fucoffee to the old and hello to Unio!

Campus coffee got you down? Don’t get the shakes just yet – UEA is set to create its own brand of coffee!

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UEA is in the process of creating its own brand of coffee, The Tab has been informed.

Everyone knows the coffee on campus isn’t up to standard with its sharp and smokey taste – students want the smooth richness premium coffee brands offer.

But today it was revealed UEA will be creating its own coffee called ‘Unio’. With the Italian twist on the name, students should look forward to more authentic, tasty coffee.

The Hive 1

No one likes the bitter, smokey taste of the Hive’s coffee

Communications Director Alex Wyatt told us: “‘Unio’ will be doubly certificed, meaning it is both fairtrade and organic.

“We thought about creating a franchise but realised that this was not the right thing to do.”

He also revealed that food will now be supplied from within the uni.

“The food supply to the Hive is also changing from an external company to internally within UEA, decreasing our carbon footprints and creating a more environmentally-friendly uni that produces its own products.”

Alex also informed The Tab that some products will see a decrease in cost under the new changes, while others will increase. When asked why products will be getting more expensive, he told us that it was down to the fact that ‘Unio’ will be both fairtrade and organic. The exact new costs were not revealed, but Alex told us they are trying to price everything as cheaply as possible.

Chloe Alexander, Communications and Managing Assistant, added that these changes come after students “requested a better coffee and food service in the ‘What If’ surveys.”

The Hive 3

Could Unio fill these empty seats?

These changes will be taking place over the next six weeks. If ‘Unio’ lives up to expectations then students won’t need to sacrifice their taste buds and can have both premium produce and a burst of energy before the dreaded 9am seminar!

Some students have, however, voiced concern over the potential increase in cost. Livewire DJ Sian Cooper said: “I think it’s good for the University’s image that we are providing organic and fairtrade goods, but I personally would go to the cheapest place on campus for that much-needed cup of coffee.”

Incoming Ethical Officer Josh Wilson told us: “I think there absolutely is a case for increasing prices slightly to have more ethically and environmentally-friendly products but this is of course a balance, and a student union should provide things that everyone can afford.

“I don’t think it’s a choice between one or the other, it is definitely possible to provide cheap and fairtrade or organic coffee.”

What do you think? Is the coffee on campus as bad as everyone says? Let us know in the comments below!