10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Politics Student

The struggles of a politics student, as told through dodgy gifs


What might be called a “fight” in other departments is merely a “difference of ideology in yours”. Here are 10 things only politics students will understand…

1. “Oh you’re studying politics, so you want to be Prime Minister?”

2. Your answers are never right or wrong. Always just somewhere in the middle.

3. Whatever you’re studying, Marx is there. Waiting.

4. When the token Tory kid and the wannabe Communist won’t stop arguing in your seminar:

5. When someone asks you your opinion on a news story and you accidentally give them a lecture

No one ever really appreciates your insights…

6. “Boris Johnson is so funny, I can’t wait for him to be Prime Minister”

7. Using one ridiculously long word when a couple of short, simple ones would suffice = every lecturers favourite habit.

8. Toeing the fine line between “critiquing someone’s argument” and outright insulting them

You should probably try to be a bit more constructive than this (no matter how hard it may be)

9. Keeping up with your reading list (if you choose to) is a never-ending battle and most of the stuff on there is ridiculous and niche.

Spending your Friday night reading copy of Diplomatic History Journal. Sounds like a party.

10. Having to live with the knowledge that if politicians listened to you, the world would be in a much better state