The Sporting Weekly

The Sporting Weekly returns bringing you the lowdown on all things UEA sport.

Some things never change; Roy Keane’s frosty press conferences, Novak Djokovic’s return to form and England playing utterly useless in a friendly. Or how about UEA’s Women’s Netball and Volleyball 1sts who have won their last six games in a row – impressive stuff. Here is the rundown of all things UEA sport.


UEA Lacrosse.

Fencing, Football and Lacrosse lead the way in the BUCS points positions for UEA so far this season.


UEA Women’s Hockey 1sts beat Nottingham Trent 5-0, UEA Men’s Basketball overcame Bedford 66-65 in a tight encounter and UEA Men’s Football 1sts recorded an away win against Northampton 1-2. It was a disappointing week for Lacrosse, the Men’s 1sts going down 2-8 to a tough Cambridge side whilst the Women’s 1sts lost 14-5 away to Leicester.

If you watch one BUCS fixture this week

Why not check out something a little different as UEA Women’s Water Polo 1sts take on Aston 1sts at home this Wednesday.

BUCS weather forecast

It’s said to be getting pretty cold next week but for all those playing BUCS games at home this Wednesday it’s supposed to be bright in spells with a brisk wind – could be worse.

What to watch

England vs Germany, Tuesday 19th: The old rivalry is resumed at Wembley although Germany will be clear favorites which might suit England. The bar should be pretty busy for this one and it is the perfect way to get your night going with a few beers. Kick-off 8pm.

Rubgy Internationals, Saturday 23rd: England might not be playing but there are some juicy fixtures elsewhere, Scotland vs Australia and France vs South Africa are back to back and if you want to complete the marathon Italy vs Argentina is earlier in the day.

The Quote

“To me, boxing is like a ballet – except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other”. – Jack Handy.

County 5ives

Four games in Zenit St Tarant Neville top the Premiership with 12 points and The Pink Trees lead the Championship by three points. Remember to try and get to matches for kick-off because the game is started without you and you won’t get the full 40 minutes.

Did you know

There is a completely abandoned mansion that used to be owned by Mike Tyson which he decided to up and leave. Check out the pictures, it’s pretty strange.


And lastly…

I was a bit disgruntled last week when having booked and payed for a squash court I had to cancel. It costs an additional £2.50 to cancel a booking, a bit unnecessary in my opinion.