Top Norwich Takeaways!

Chief Editor Victoria Finan has tried pretty much every takeaway in Norwich. Here are her top picks…

best food norwich takeaways

Let’s face it, Just-Eat is a bloody labyrinth. Do you base your takeaway of choice on the reviews, the prices, or whether you get free poppadoms/prawn crackers? Fear not, Fresher, help is at hand. Our gallant Chief-Editor has, in the noble name of journalism, gained the Freshers’ 15 (and kept it for an extra two years) in order to spread the news of NR2’s best takeaways. Read on, and try not to get too hungry…

Best Indian


FORGET RICE AND SPICE. Do not do it to yourselves. They will lure you in with cheap offers and deliver disappointment. Same with ROYAL TANDOORI on Unthank Road. So convenient, so close. So 0/5 hygiene rating.

Go for DIAL A CURRY. Sounds like the naffest curry place in town but is genuinely the nicest with generous portions and just the right amount of spice. And the baltis come with a free naan bread. Order it for later than you want it to arrive, they always get there early, and The Tab has had too many experiences of having to get out of the shower to answer the door…

Best Chinese


HONG KONG FUSION on Unthank Road opens until midnight, so it’s perfect for those 11pm pangs. Their chow mein is lush, their prices aren’t bad but there’s no free prawn crackers. Let down.

Best post-Mantra takeaway

PICCOLO’S on Prince of Wales. No contest. Their popcorn chicken is better than KFCs, and they give you PROPER chips absolute doused in mayonnaise. Plus, you’re right next to the Beeline office so you can scoff whilst waiting for your taxi. Honourable mention to THE OLIVE TREE, which is kind of classy as far as night out takeaways go.

Best Chippy


First of all, let’s just reflect on how sad it is that campus doesn’t have a chippy van. Okay. GROVESNOR FISH BAR  in town (opposite The Birdcage) is everything a chippy should be, but if it’s a bit of a trek, LIM’S on Unthank give the biggest portions you’ll find in Norwich, plus for all you Northerners who know how to eat your fish and chips properly, big bags of scraps to go with them. The owner is an absolute laugh too.

Best Burgers

We already ate all of it. Photo: Joe Levell

Well, there was a van that used to be outside the LCR, but you’ve probably never heard of it… only joking. Our good friends at THE SHOP’s burgers are genuinely really nice post-LCR food, but lay off the soggy curly fries.