The 5 Worst LCR Songs

Features Editor Maisie Anteney-Tipper counts down the 5 tracks she’d like to see forever banned from the LCR. Soz, Fresh Prince.

fresh prince of bel air lcr songs

Let’s be honest – the LCR playlist can often be accused of lacking imagination. “I haven’t heard this one for ages” is not a phrase often uttered on the dance floor. So with the news that Blurred Lines could be on its way out what other songs should the LCR thinking about banning from the speakers?

Caught in the act of playing Fat Man Scoop…again!

Fat Man Scoop – Be Faithful

“You got a 10 dollar bill put your hands up”. Yes Fat Man Scoop, I have got a 10 dollar bill and I am taking it straight to the bar to try and drown out the sound of this awful song! I don’t think I’ve ever been to an A List night where the DJ hasn’t played this, the novelty has definitely worn off!

Macklemore – Thrift Shop

When this song first came out it was brilliant, not only did it get everyone dancing it also gave you an innate sense of pride in that jumper you scored in Scope for 50p. Unfortunately, it has since become the anthem of wannabe hipsters everywhere. Feel free to take my Grandpa’s style – take it far, far away.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will Smith

If I wanted to listen to a theme tune I would have stayed at home and watched TV. Last time this came on it made me so depressed about the playlist that I actually left and went home. The real tragedy of Fresh Prince is that it’s not even Will Smith’s best song, stick on ‘Switch’ and everyone would love it. Just please don’t make me listen to Will Smith’s life-flipping, b-ball shooting saga again!

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

I usually have absolutely no problem with some Bey in my life, in fact the more the better really. But when you’ve got someone like Beyonce who has been making music for over 15 years, has 4 amazing albums (not to mention all of Destiny’s Child’s back-catalogue) there is no need to always play the same song. Bring some girl power with ‘Run The World’ or unleash the power grabs with ‘If I Was A Boy’ just stop encouraging people to attempt the infamous ‘uh-oh’ dance!

Even Beyonce is unimpressed by the DJ’s song choices…

Wonderwall – Oasis

If the awful music played throughout the rest of the night hasn’t put a downer on your LCR experience then this one definitely will. Something about this song makes everyone think they’re your best friend. Before long, you’ll find yourself stuck in the company of recently dumped Fresher singing to her heart’s content and a third year lamenting his lost uni years who refuses to take his arm off your shoulders. A sure fire way to kill any party atmosphere.

 So which songs would you like to see scrapped off the LCR playlist? Let us know in the comments below