Dos and Don’ts of Winter Sport Accessories

Tab Sport tells you how to stay warm this season without embarrassing yourself…

boots gloves hats snoods under armour

So it’s already freezing cold and we are only just entering November. At this rate, Wednesday’s BUCS matches could see the first emergence of winter accessories, some of which are donned by the whole team, others of which are frowned upon more than those awful Rory Mcllroy Santander ads. Here is a run down of the good, the bad and the ugly.


No one is going to give you grief for bringing out the gloves, but only when a certain point of coldness is reached. Right now is far too early but around the start of December they usually become a must have. Resist any sort of novelty glove and keep it classy with plain black. Great respect to those who go without all season long.


Obviously it all depends on what sport you’re playing, but brightly coloured boots never actually come off looking that impressive when you’re playing somewhere like Colney Lane. There’s something about some old school Predators which just seem made for the harshest conditions.

Under Armour 

A perfectly acceptable accessory, under armour keeps the parts of your body which are often most cold warm.  The under armour shorts help prevent injury too, especially in the winter months when your muscles take longer to warm up. Well worth a purchase.

The Coffee Flask

If you’re travelling away from home a flask isn’t a bad shout, even if you look like your middle-aged father when he goes to watch the Cricket. More for after the game when your hands are like ice and you can sip on hot chocolate whilst your teammate shivers away with an out of date Capri Sun found at the bottom of his bag.


Do snoods even still exist? These scarf-like neck warmers were trendy a few years back among Premier League footballers and filtered their way down to grass root level. It takes a brave person to whip out the snood for fear of being ridiculed and let’s be honest your neck never gets that cold when you are running around. Don’t expect to find a Rugby forward sporting one anytime soon.

Knee-high socks

Theirry Henry rocked the look but then that was Henry. Unless you’re playing on pitches like he was the look is actually rather impractical and you spend most of the game pulling your socks up either in the hope of looking stylish or keeping that extra bit of skin warm and cosy. You will actually achieve neither.


Ideal at training if you are standing about during an exercise and it’s one of those windy evenings when your ears start to sting. It’s also never gets tiring to knock them off people’s heads during the jog.