Union Reacts to Criticism

The Union has announced it will be making changes to the way it is run in an effort to give students a voice.

changes criticism programme Union what if

Following criticism of recent changes, the Union has decided to embark on a major programme branded “What If?” in which students will be invited to feed in criticism, comments and ideas for its future.

The changes will commence in Week 7, with various activities including:

– An interactive design wall on which students can draw on new features for Union House.

– Images from the country’s leading student unions with a chance to comment.

– Meetings with student groups and committees to find out what they want from a new building.


Week 8 will see discussions on the bars, ents and shop. Activities include:

– A chance for students to submit any ideas they think would improve the bar, ents and shop.

– A “Dragon’s Den” style event in which students discuss creative ideas for services or products.

– A major input exercise from the Union’s 130 student staff.

When asked about these changes, Union Communications Officer Rosie Rawle said: “When I got elected I said I wanted radical communications. That’s what we’re doing in Week 7 and 8 – rather than just asking students to write a motion or attend a meeting, we’re getting them directly involved in the way their union will run.”

Union Finance Officer Joe Levell added: “Union House was designed for a different era- so with a real prospect of investment from the University, we’re rolling our sleeves up to find out what our members want. We also want ideas from students about the bars, ents and shops – it’s time we gave our union back to its members.”

What do you think of these changes? Will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments section.