The Tab Guide to Sport at UEA: Part One

Part One of the Tab’s guide to UEA sports clubs…

The UEA Sports Mart is held today between 11am and 4pm in the UEA Sportspark. Not sure what’s worth your money? Check out Part One of the Tab’s guide to UEA’s sports teams.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Welcome to the animal friendly world of UEA Clay Pigeon Shooting (UEA CPSC). Founded in 2007, the UEA CPSC offers a great value way of learning to clay shoot, and welcomes those who haven’t shot before and those who want to take their shooting as socially or seriously as they want. Shooting is stereotypically thought of as an exclusive sport reserved for only those who own a country estate, and the UEA CPSC hopes to prove that this is not the case!

The club uses the Mid-Norfolk Shooting School as a practice ground, which is about 10 minutes from the UEA and has a fantastic ground with sporting, skeet and down-the line layouts. Sessions run every Wednesday afternoon, and there is an annual BUCS competition, hosted by Harper Adams University, and a plan to compete in many more.


The clubs main social is the ‘Mead and Tweed’ pub-crawl, which always gets glowing reports from both members and the public. There is also a game tasting evening, which quite often turns into a sort of medieval banquet (in a good way, of course).

Key People:

President – Joe Neveson

How to get involved:

Facebook! You can speak to people involved with the club here. You can also get involved at Sportsmart throughout this afternoon. There is no need to have your own gun or license, but if you have never shot before we prefer you to have a lesson with the instructor at MNSS before joining the rest of us for a practice.

• One year membership – £5*

• Booked instructor sessions – £23 (includes all clays, cartridges and gun hire, 2hrs)

• Open practice – £9 (50 cartridges + 50 clays + use of a gun)

* Members will also need sports club insurance (mandatory) £40 via the Union or SportsMart.

President of the club, Joe Neveson, sums up the club: ‘Put simply, if you like the outdoors and are looking for an incredibly cheap way into a fantastic sport that you can enjoy for the rest of your life, look no further than the Clay Pigeon Shooting Club!’


Rugby Club – Men

Many will be delighted to hear that the UEA Rugby Club is making a welcome return, this year with Rugby being the main focus of the club! With two BUCS teams, a third team and a 7s tournament this season, there are plenty of opportunities for people of all abilities to get involved.


The first big meeting will be on September 28th against Swaffham RFC, which will also be incorporated into the UEA 50th anniversary celebrations. The club has a coaching set up including Anthony Stoppani and Dave Tiueti as head coaches and Stewart Cameron and Joseph Marther as assistant coaches.

And just because socials are taking something of a backseat this season doesn’t mean that there isn’t a jam-packed calendar throughout the year. Socials will involve great themes, exciting venues, all mixed with other teams. Bruce Whiting, President of the club, says: ‘We intend to set a level of respect that should be expected from a university rugby club, but at the same time still manage to have a healthy amount of fun and excitement that will make us the most popular club at the university’. Plus if you do join, you’ll be strutting your stuff in a brand new kit that’s being unveiled later this year!

Key People:

President: Bruce Whiting

Captain: Cameron McNeil

Club Captain: Sam Baines

Treasurer: Stefan Lubek

Publicity Secretaries: Elliot Piper & Dan Booker

Social Secretaries: Will Clark & Ben Dunford

How to get involved:

Get on Facebook, head to the SportsMart today, or get in contact with any of their key people. Training is at Colney on a Monday and the 3g pitches on a Friday so get yourself down!


Rugby Club – Women

For women looking to try something they might not have had the opportunity to do before, the UEA Women’s Rugby club is for you! The 2012/13 season started very strongly for UEA Women’s Rugby Club, however, after losing key players in the second half of the season, they were unfortunately relegated.

But with the help of their coach Phil Sharpe, and carrying through the teamwork, commitment and determination of last year’s team, they are intent on making the 2013/14 season the most successful one yet!


Training is every Monday and Friday at 5-7 on Colney Lane and the first cup match isn’t until February. Aside from cup and league matches, there will also be several friendlies with local club sides, which are great fun and help everyone to build match confidence!

As a team, the club arranges many activities outside of training and matches. There are socials almost every week, especially after matches. There are also nights that are a bit more chilled out, like movie nights, dinners and cinema trips. There’s always something for everyone!

Key People:

President: Stephanie Creasey

Captain: Maylynn NG

Club Secretary: Natty Ashcroft

Treasurer: Rebecca Edwards

Social Secretaries: Alex Munro & Alice Edwards

How to get involved:

It is so easy to get involved in Women’s Rugby. The club will have a stand at the Sportsmart today, and also have a Facebook group. Sports club insurance will be needed before you can train and will be available to buy at Sportsmart. The club fee is £15 for the year!

Club President Stephanie Creasey says, ‘We understand that it is a sport that a lot of girls wouldn’t have had any opportunity to play at school and that it is not always the first sport that girls would think of trying out, but I have seen so many people join who have little or no experience before and become great players, and most importantly fall in love with the game. So if you are reading this and are thinking about trying a session, go for it!’


Cricket Club

With teams representing the university in the BUCS championships both indoors and outdoors the UEA CC has big a role to play in university sport! Indoor cricket, a six-a-side form of the game, is played throughout the winter with two sides entered into BUCS and full eleven-a-side fixtures take place outdoors during April and May.


The SportsPark at UEA offers an ideal venue not only for indoor matches, but also indoor training. With two training sessions every week – Mondays 4.20pm-6.00pm and Fridays 2.20pm-4.20pm – there are opportunities to come along and further your cricket. The club has two qualified coaches in Norfolk CCC pair Chris Brown and Luke Caswell. They run structured sessions and observe general net practice, offering coaching throughout.

Outdoor matches and net sessions are held from April (weather permitting) at the UEA’s main sports field, Colney Lane. It will also host the annual open 6-a-side tournament in May, where eight to ten teams made up of various UEA students compete for the title.

Key People:

President: Ben Tosland

Club Secretary: Callum Hansey

How to get involved:

Get in contact. The club will have representatives at the SportsMart and are also available on Facebook and on Twitter @UEA_CC. Players of all abilities are welcome, from player who’ve represented their county to those who have never picked up a bat or ball. UEA cricket are a friendly club with a dedicated committee that looks forward to welcoming new members.

Look out for Part Two of the Tab’s guide to UEA Sport later this afternoon.