Cheating Survey: The Results

Find out how likely UEA students are to throw away their long term love in the LCR…


“I thought it was an open relationship. She didn’t.”

“He cheated with some slut he met over the summer at work and some whore he met through Facebook”

“What happens during freshers week stays in freshers week!”


These are just some of your confessions from our cheating survey.

Over the Christmas break the Tab conducted a survey to find out what UEA students class as cheating in a relationship and what your experiences are of unfaithfulness at university.

Two hundred of you took the opportunity to tell us if you’ve had a cheeky LCR snog (or more…) behind your partner’s back during your time at UEA.

The recently shut down UEA Confessions page was full of tales of lusty (and usually drunken) encounters, but how well behaved are we really?

Here are our top ten faithfulness facts:

 21% of you have been cheated on

– 39% of you stayed with your partner after finding out

– 8% witnessed the cheating happen

– 35% of you have been unfaithful

– 73% of you did it because you were drunk

– 9% did it for revenge

– 13% of you would be more likely to forgive a cheat if they were unfaithful during freshers week

– 15% count flirting as cheating

– 23% don’t think sexting is cheating

– 2% of you don’t think having full sex with someone else is unfaithful… Should we have added a marriage option?

The most recent major investigation into UK sexual behaviour (the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles in 2000) claimed that 9% of women and 15% of men had been unfaithful in the last year. A notable contrast to the whopping 35% of you who admitted to cheating in our survey.

Reasons you gave us for two-timing included everything from rocky long distance relationships to simply “I was horny”, but what is your experience of infidelity at UEA? Do you think our LCR antics are any more debauched than those of students at other universities? Are students in general less inclined to be faithful? Have your say in the comments box below.