Best Dressed on Campus – Halloween Special

A selection of some of the more original creations seen around campus over the Halloween period

best dressed halloween katherine tarling the tab norwich university of east anglia

Kimberly Fry, Abby Powell, Lauren Postlethwaite and Vix Sellars dressed as ‘Badger Roadkill’ completely with woolen spewing guts!

Joanne Payne, Gemma Williamson & Rachel Moss as a doll, the White Witch from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and a witch

Holli dressed a ‘Weeping Angel’ from Dr Who. Top marks for originality!

Hannah Charlton in an original homemade Pikachu costume.

Assad Rashid, Melita Fearnley and Chris Rixon as two skeletons and a vampire. Sometimes the traditional ideas are the best!

Natasha Preskey & Katie Coates as a witch and a vampire