Join The Cycling Revolution

Tired of busy, noisy and particularly unreliable buses? Follow Marco Bell’s advice

£210 pounds is a lot of money in this day and age. So if you were to spend it on an annual bus pass you’d like to think you were getting value for money.

The likely answer is, you’re not. And as you squeeze your way on to an overcrowded bus you’ll glance out the window and see a swarm of joyful bikers, lapping up the fresh air around them, whipping out the no hands trick to a tee.

‘Bloody show offs’ you’ll curse, as another baby screams. But more so then ever students are commuting to campus by bike and with £210 at your disposal you can get a perfectly good one, which will last you more than just one year. At least it should do.

If you’re worried, like some of us are, about getting on a bike again, ten years after that fateful day when you catapulted over the handle bars, you shouldn’t be. UEA is very accommodating to cyclists, with many of the routes to campus, including the long stretch down The Avenues, marked with designated cycling lanes.

And you won’t be alone. Come 9 am you’ll be part of the mob, seeing just how late you can leave, on your new device, and still get to your seminar in time. It’s in your own hands, rather than the painful wait for some so and so who wants to use all their coppers to pay for their fare whilst your presentation slot dissolves away.

Without trying to sound like an expert on the benefits of cycling you can be sure it will improve your fitness. If you’re feeling guilty about the lack of sporting activity you do at UEA, hop on a bike to and from campus. Studies have shown cycling sooths mental stress, trains and strengthens muscles and can drastically develop stamina.

The University has a useful Try-Before-You-Buy scheme if you’re still on the fence about committing. If you’re ready to buy a bike take a look at this link,, which points out the local shops and makes a very good point of searching on FreeCycle for a bargain. Or take a look back home in your garage, there are bound to be a few rusty bikes who were dreading the visit to the skip.

Chains will be broken, cars will honk horns, tires will puncture at the most inconvenient time and your hair might get a little flustered. But all in all cycling is cheaper, more satisfying and scenic then most forms of transport. And with fellow students it can be a great social distraction, with all of Norfolk at your disposal.