Where to watch Euro 2012 in Norwich

We at The UEA Drop offer our opinion of where to watch the tournament at home in Norwich.

Euro 2012 football norwich pub

It promises to be an exciting summer of football. Starting from June 8, Europe’s finest footballing nations will descend on Ukraine and Poland. We at The UEA Drop offer our opinion of where to watch the tournament at home in Norwich.

There is going to be drama, passion, and thrills. But best of all, England are involved.


Roy Hodgson’s men are in Group D along with hosts Ukraine, Sweden and France, and while expectation is low, you would be a fool to miss out.

We assume that the majority of you are not on your way to Eastern Europe this summer, so we have put together a short list of places where you could watch the big games in the fine city of Norwich.

1. Gardeners Arms/Murderers: Located slap-bang in the middle of Norwich on Timber Hill, this is the place to be for atmosphere on match-day. This traditional pub is steeped in character, from the deliberately uneven table-tops to the pictures of various murderers on the walls. More importantly though it is a great place to watch live football, although it is often hard to find a good seat due to sheer number of people. Rapturous scenes were seen here when Norwich City were promoted back to the Premiership last year.

2. The Castlegates: Found pretty much opposite the Murderers on Timber Hill, Castlegates can only be described as the most dedicated football pub we have ever seen. It seems to be designed purely for watching football. It has three plasma screens sitting impressively on the walls not occupied by the bar, and at least four smaller televisions. A sofa is placed in front of each of the plasmas. It really is hard to match as the place to be watching the big games this summer.

3. Coach and Horses: Located near the train station on Thorpe Road, this pub is another popular choice for football fans. They have two 42 inch televisions and one 60 inch in HD, two of which can show 3D, although we are not entirely sure we could be persuaded to wear a big pair of 3D glasses. The service is famously swift and the staff surprisingly friendly, despite the number of people clambering for drinks at the bar. The atmosphere is a real selling point for the pub too; we expect this to crank up to record levels when England play this June.

4. Mad Moose: Found on the corner of Dover and Warwick Street off Unthank Road, this is certainly a convenient pub for students living in the Golden Triangle. With three televisions, there is plenty of room for getting a view of the action. Each Norwich City game is packed out here with an electrifying atmosphere; it will surely be the same when England kick-off in the Euros. Why not munch on a burger at the same time, indeed the pub includes a Michelin-rated restaurant too. If you live in Unthank, this could be the venue for you.

England’s games:
11 June 5pm versus France
15 June 5pm versus Sweden
19 June 7:45pm versus Ukraine
23/24 June 7:45pm Quarter Final
27/28 June 7:45pm Semi Final
1 July 7:45 Final

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