The Hive now Serving from 8am

The Union has finally conceded defeat on the contentious Hive Opening time issue!

coffee uea hive

The petitions, protests and hunger strikes have paid off as the Union have finally bowed down to the popular pressure for the Hive to open at 8am.

Now getting in for those 9am lectures will be easy peasy. There won't be anything to complain about now you can grab a Hive hot drink before cracking on with work. 

Yes you may have gone on the lash the night before and be hanging like a wizard's sleeve when the alarm goes off in the morning but now you have the prospect of £1.20 worth of divine, caffeinated goodness from the Hive to look forward to. Result!

The queue is expected to be Coldplay-esque so get over there by 6am if you want a chance of getting served.

Good luck!


NB – while this article is jokey the news is genuine.