Inside Scoop: From within the UEA Men’s Rugby Club

An anonymous opinion from someone who is part of the Men’s Rugby Club on his club being banned until September 2013.

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This is from someone who is part of the UEA Men's Rugby Team. They wrote in anonymously so we cannot reveal who wrote it. 

This does not reflect the views of the Drop either; we just got this sent to us from someone from the UEA RFC who requested anonymity. We're just here to give students a voice (and thus we want to publish an opinion piece from the opposing stance too, arguing against the ban).

We would also like to point out that the photo is from google images – it is NOT anyone else from UEA.





"Last week we heard that the Union banned the Men’s rugby club and I believe that it is perhaps the only decision that the union felt they could make.

For the last couple of years the men’s rugby team have made a name for themselves with their antics and finally it appears that the uni had enough. And who could blame them considering that the team name includes 'UEA' in it, and therefore any complaints that are made against the rugby team don’t just make them look bad but also the whole university as well.

From conversations that I have had with members of the club, there appears to be no remorse from many of the members of the club. It is for this very reason that I agree with the uni’s decision. 


It was once said that rugby is a hooligans' sport played by gentlemen but it seems that at UEA, rugby has become a hooligans' game played by hooligans and it is this sort of attitude towards the sport that I want to see removed.

The problem has arisen due to issues surrounding Derby day and the subsequent 2nd XV match on March 14th where complaints of sexism and racism were made. With the seriousness of the allegations it is appropriate that the union delivers a strict response. Actions for banter's sake alone are unacceptable and, with regards to the occasion, there needs to be degree of responsibility.

The union’s response to the matter has been brought about by a failure of the rugby team to properly discipline all those involved internally, and whilst it may seem disproportionate it was the only option left available.

However, for those truly passionate about the sport, there are still multiple teams playing at the uni (medics, womens and touch)  aswell as there also being plenty of opportunities for students to join many clubs in the local area."