Sex act row causes NUS boss to Resign

NUS Boss forced to quit after ‘oral sex act’ is caught on camera.

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A student union leader has been forced to step down after being caught on camera with a female lewdly simulating fellatio while he downed his pint during a pub drinking contest.

Ben Meakin, 21, resigned from the executive committee of the National Union of Students (Wales) on Tuesday as “rumours” of photographs of his actions spread like wildfire.

His resignation comes after allegations of inappropriate conduct with a female student over the weekend, and this furore also comes midway through his campaign to be re-elected as president of Aberystwyth University Guild of Students.

A photograph showing Mr Meakin taking part in a pub drinking competition appeared on Facebook for a time. It showed a female student on her knees in front of him apparently simulating an oral sex act as he was downing his beer.

His actions were denounced today in an online statement by NUS Wales Women’s Officer Stephanie Lloyd, who said that “I have never, and will never, condone the type of events in which Ben participated.”

But the female student involved called the simulation “absolutely laughable”, before pointing out that all involved in the celebrations were consenting adults and nobody was compelled to take part.

On Mr Meakin’s profile it says: “I go out on a night for a few drinks, it’s the worlds biggest scandal and they are content in doing their utmost to drag my name through the mud. Priorities kids, sort it out.”

Although he later announced in a facebook status that he had resigned from the NUS (Wales) executive committee. The status attracted more than 80 comments, many of which dismissed claims that he had acted in a sexist manner.

One stated that the woman pictured knew that the competition was being photographed and that the photos would appear on Facebook.

Meanwhile someone else said how the female student involved was in no way forced to take part in the drinking competition or unhappy with her treatment.

Mr Meakin released a statement which read: “I sincerely regret my participation in the social event held outside the Guild after our superteams day. I compromised my role as Guild president. This morning (Tuesday), I resigned as a member of the NUS Wales national executive committee. My actions go against the fantastic work of the women’s liberation movement, which I fully support.”

“Personally, I am a strong advocate for the women’s movement. This is clear through my work banning the event Carnage coming to the Guild this year. I have learned from this experience and plan to carry on my work here at Aberystwyth University.”

Steffan Storch, editor of the Aberystwyth university paper, said: “Speculation was rife and there was a lot of the rumours that were going around.”

He declined to say what the rumours were but added that opinion among students was divided. While some took the moral high ground and thought someone in his position should not have taken part in such an event, others deemed it to be a bit of harmless fun.