Accommodation costs set to Soar next year

The cost of living on campus is going to rise as much as three times the inflation rate next year.

accommodation price rise


The cost of living on campus is set to rocket by as much as three times the inflation rate. 
The price will hit the lowest accommodation hardest. A standard shared room in Norfolk / Suffolk for 38 weeks, will rise by almost 10%.
Standard en-suite rooms on campus will cost an extra £258, rising 6.57%  from £3926 to £4184.
This is despite the rate of inflation falling down to just 3.6% in January this year.
The Union Student and Community Rights Officer, Tash Ross, said: "I sincerely hope that the rises in accommodation costs are concerned with covering the costs of maintaining the accommodation.
"Student Accommodation should be priced at a reasonable cost which is affordable to students, and as such should not be used to increase revenue to the University, but to provide accommodation to students at a price which does not cost any more than it absolutely needs to. It is unclear which of these provides the motivation for this rise"
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