I Want My Face Back, Tesco!

Fashion Student, Nicola Kirkbride is the latest in a line of suits against Tesco. This time it is for face lifting.

student Tesco

Fashion Student, Nicola Kirkbride is taking on Tesco. This time it is for face lifting. 

Nicola believes her image was taken directly from her fashion blog, without her permission and placed on a children’s jumper. It was then distributed across hundreds of UK stores, and sold for £12 each.

The fourth year fashion management student at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen originally started the blog as part of her degree, taking photos on self-timer cameras to post and recommend the latest trends and styles to her 5,500 followers.

The jumper shows Nicola, 22, surrounded by a daisy chain with the words ‘Love me, Love me not,’ inscribed underneath. She said: ‘I was only made aware of it when a follower who works at Tesco tagged me in a tweet saying she had seen my face on one of the sweaters.’ Tesco were then forced to withdraw the jumper from shelves pending an investigation.

She said that she was initially ‘flattered but then shocked and angry’ that it was done without her permission.

Nicola had previously been approached by the renowned fashion giant Zara, who wanted to use one of her photos. However this transaction went through official channels, with contracts, payments and permission. Nicola has said that all site content therefore belongs to her unless stated otherwise and so is seeking compensation from Tesco.

A Tesco spokeswoman claims they have: ‘no idea how it happened,’ but that they ‘are looking into this and speaking to Nicola Kirkbride.’