Why living in halls should only be for Freshers

Halls in second year? Don’t do it

The normal procedure in second year would be to rent a house with your mates, be overcharged on admin fee’s and not be able to afford to turn the heating on for the foreseeable future. But not for all of us.

Certain students, for example those that study Fashion or those with work experience placements, begin their year outside of Newcastle in January so they can’t sign up for a 12 month lease starting September.

That means moving back into halls for second year.

Stephenson Building

First of all, there’s a serious lack of noise consideration. Skipping a 9am lecture after getting in at 4.30am the night before isn’t a luxury you have after freshers. No more “first year doesn’t count” excuses to cling to.

Pre drinks parties kicking off left right and centre is not what you need the night before a presentation.

Jenny, an occupant at Stephenson Building said “I hate getting everyone’s smoke from outside in my room, it makes my room stink. I don’t like getting second hand smoke in my room at 7 am.”

It’s fine just smoke right next to my window, I don’t mind at all

There’s no doubt that in halls you’ll be mistaken for a fresher and have to have the awkward “I’m a second year and already have friends, bye” convo (because being anti social and sticking to our group of second year friends is how you like it).

Constant hassle from promotors is another thing you could do without. Flyers, posters, the doorbell ringing every hour… it never really bothers you in first year, you’re just a clueless little fresher who doesn’t know which event to choose from. But come the second time around you know whats what  and no you don’t wanna go to any promoter’s shitty event.

At least the posters make good wall decorations

Hefty £100 fines for loosing your keys. Absolutely fabulous. Once the care-free fresher attitude has blown over paying for anything more than a tenner is painful.

£100? I can’t even afford full priced cheese.

Electric hobs? Surely you can agree that they’re awful to cook on? Bring back the gas, we promise not to burn the place down. One cooker between 8 of you is not fun for second years.

Not really a problem for freshers, who live off pot noodles and beans on toast for the first month at least.

Missing out on potential money makers

Single beds – one of the many joys of halls.  Unless you’re fortunate enough to be in a nicer student accommodation.

This is 2015 are single beds even a thing anymore? A place to rest your head between the nights out in first year but now your bed is your favourite place to be.

Heaven on earth, shame its a single

And then there’s the dreaded freshers flu. Guaranteed at least one person in your flat will crumble. As a fresher it’s like a ritual, a right of passage. As a second year it’s downright inconvenient and unnecessary – you don’t have time to be ill.

Not being able to get your mail if it doesn’t fit in the box and its not Monday-Friday working hours.

Firedrills – not ideal when you’re halfway through making your tea… or trying to enjoy your morning off in bed.

Wouldn’t have this problem in a cosy house in Jesmond…

Living in halls and being surrounded by freshers, hearing everyone else go out while you’re sat doing work. It’s a constant reminder that your are no longer and never will be a fresher. By far the worst.

One horrifying step closer to graduation and being a proper adult.